You have changed my life, you have given me hope and confidence; ...you have changed my son's life. He will be understood. He will ask, request, demand and stand up for himself. Because of you he will tell his story and inspire others." M.M.


"Approximately two months ago, I was introduced to Shana through a mutual friend and immediately began using her as my life coach. Shana provided her life coaching services through established call-in times and has been reliable, professional and extremely helpful each time. Shana has been an amazing, supportive, and trustworthy person through a stressful time in my life.

During my job search, she was an integral part in helping to narrow down what my ideal position would be and set goals for me to send my resume to organizations that met that criteria. Shana also assisted me with establishing a visitation schedule for my son by listening to my desires and goading me to mark down the days and nights on a calendar for visualization purposes.

Shana's pleasant and positive attitude immediately made me feel comfortable. My sessions with her were focused and succinct and guided me to get to where I wanted to be. Shana helped me to balance my life, manage my stress and to set goals and realize how I could reach them.

Shana's dedication and compassion and her life coaching abilities will bring a depth of knowledge and skills to anyone she takes on as a client. I will gladly continue to use Shana as a life coach and will recommend her to my friends and family."

- Christina O., Cliffside Park, NJ

"I had the fortune of working with Shana Lazar when she was assigned to my nonverbal son for Speech Therapy during his time throughout Early Intervention.

As a mother to two sons diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder - not otherwise specified. I've worked with twelve different therapists in our home for various services over the years. During the year and a half Shana was with us, I was a stay at home morn, and I almost never missed observing a session. I recognized immediately how invaluable being a spectator to Shana's sessions would be and they were.

Shana, my younger son’s first therapist, exemplified the archetypical therapist by her aptitude, professionalism, strong teaching abilities, intuition, intelligence, accessibility and warmth. She set a high requirement for all others to meet that I immediately respected and continue to honor. A standard I learned to expect from anyone thereafter providing services to both of my sons.

Shana's passion for working with her students is carried out in effective characteristics of teaching like thinking outside the box, finding new ways to explain and demonstrate subject matter, and motivating in energetic ways. Key elements of teaching required for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, which not all therapists understand unfortunately. Shana's talent as a Speech Therapist is not only that she is shrewdly aware of such techniques she brilliantly maintains the needed comfort of structure and routine; all this while having the intuitiveness of her students' specific developmental mental needs.

Her compassion for her students Wets discernible and her nurturing demeanor was constantly evident. She always challenged my son yet allowed him to think for himself, which instilled the independence and confidence he wholeheartedly coveted. While observing Shana's sessions, I started seeing the boy she already knew was there. With Shana's patience, dedication and diligence there soon emerged before my eyes a little boy with a sharp wit, an acute intelligence and a restless thinking mind. Shana's expertise was instrumental in leading my son to the present moment and never wanting to leave it.

In addition to her talent as a therapist, Shana is a wonderful team member whose empathy and advocacy for special education was a constructive support to what was most appropriate for my son’s developmental growth. We always had an open dialogue where she would share pertinent information or tips that would help me carry over his lessons to our everyday, to fully maintain continuity in his learning and development.

As my experience in Special Education continues, I am reminded, too often, unfortunately, of how there simply aren't enough therapists with the teaching proficiency of Shana Lazar."

- Meredith MC., Bronx, NY

"When I met Shana, I had been searching for a speech therapist that could help my two year old. Our daughter was a bright child but couldn't say more than a few words. She had been evaluated by the state and while they found she had an extreme expressive delay, it wasn't enough to have her qualify for speech. I decided that I wasn't going to watch my toddler struggle with her inability to express and communicate so I turned to Shana.

I could have never predicted then just how much Shana would help our daughter and us. Throughout the therapy, Shana worked with our daughter and transformed her speech and, at the same time, provided us with informative, supportive and helpful feedback and tips. We felt like we finally found someone who understood the language learning process and was able to teach us how to encourage our child's speech development. A few years later, our two year old son was also suffering from speech and expressive delays. Immediately, we asked Shana to come into our life and work with him.

Once again, the best choice we made was having Shana work with our son. We saw his speech transform in a few short months from a handful of individual words to sentences, questions and stories. He has become so expressive and communicative and we are in awe as we watch him use her techniques to help him progress. We truly are so appreciative. We can't thank Shana enough for so patiently working our children, teaching them how to speak and giving us the tools to continue to help them. Shana's way with children is incredibly special; she radiates love and hope for the parents when frustration is at its peak. Shana has an amazing gift and brings that with her into the home. The fact that we have Shana in our life is a huge blessing; she is a part of our family.”

- Jordanna and Marc N., Englewood, NJ

"This is a letter of recommendation for Shana Lazar, Speech Therapist / Saint / Friend. Long story short, my then one year old Dylan Isabella (now 4 and on the spectrum) was approved for speech therapy by Early Childhood Intervention twice a week and through a parent, she recommended Shana. Skeptical and clueless, I went for it. My child stopped talking and was scared and desperate! Shana's requirements: a small space or even a corner to work with Dylan. I immediately felt good vibes when we met but still wondered about the outcome.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made for Dylan. Her speech delay impacted her ability to communicate her wants and needs and in less than a month working with Shana she immediately started to make progress. I felt it in my heart that I found the right therapist for her. I saw tremendous progress in my child that I know would not have been possible without the help of Shana and her expertise. She's caring and had a great relationship with Dylan - everyone noticed! I loved it how Shana was not a push over but made the sessions fun - it totally worked! Shana helped and pushed Dylan how to express herself and is now communicating beautifully.

I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation to Shana for all the hard work she has done with Dylan. Today, Dylan is articulate, so bright and on her way to brighter tomorrow.

Shana Lazar is THE BEST speech therapist, and our world is a better place because
of her."

- Denise G., Bronx, NY

"Shana has been part of "Team Ethan" for the past 2 years. My grandson suffered a trauma, and we knew he needed help. Shana was the second language therapist we engaged. The first was gruff, in a hurry to get to her next client, and he was not progressing.

We replaced her with Shana and everything changed. Her concern over my grandson's issues was evident from Day 1. And she started making big changes and showing impressive results in a very short time. She always made time for coffee and a chat with me. I had a real handle on where he needed to be and what to do to get there. She warned me that once we started, there was no turning back. I didn't realize what she meant for several months; then I did. He never stops talking. He is a chatterbox.

Shana also offered us wise parenting advice… Her brand of loving and no nonsense discipline was very successful.

On a personal note, Shana is a charming and warm lady. It is always a pleasure to welcome her into our home as it is a pleasure to recommend her to other families searching for the perfect professional to help their child."

- Deborah F., Leonia, NJ

"It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Shana Lazar. My family had the pleasure of working with Shana over the past year and a half while she worked with our two year old son, Evan. Through first hand observation, I can honestly say that I hold her in the highest esteem both personally and professionally.

While working with Evan, Shana demonstrated exceptional intellectual ability required to understand and apply the skills necessary for working with our son. She also demonstrated the compassion necessary for caring for a toddler while still being able to implement practices and learnings geared towards improving Evan's deficiencies. Throughout her time with Evan she was also able to develop a strong bond with him which made their time together a weekly event to look forward to.

In the time that we have known Shana, we found her to be a professional, responsible, sincere, and an all-around great person. It is our great pleasure to know Shana and we give her our highest recommendation. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions."

- Matthew and Melissa R., Fort Lee, NJ

"I have the pleasure of knowing Shana Lazar professionally and personally.

As a speech pathologist, Shana treats my youngest son (5 years old) for a speech and voice impairment. He has been in therapy since the age of 18 months with several therapists. The progress he has made with her has been the greatest I have seen in all his years. She is able to interact and relate to him in a way no other therapist ever has. She finds activities he enjoys and incorporates her teaching methods to suit his needs rather than forcing him to learn according to a specific agenda. Shana requires my son to listen to her and follow her rules, and he surprisingly looks forward to her regiment! The caring attitude is felt as Shana shares techniques with me, as a mother, to help further my son's progress between sessions. My son's school teachers have noticed a marked difference in his behavior and speech since Shana started her work with him.

Personally, Shana is one of the most dependable and compassionate people I know. She has extended her treatment of my son to include parenting help for my other children as well as emotional support for myself. I am grateful for the care and attention she gives to my son and the help she affords my family at all times.

With great pleasure I recommend Ms. Shana Lazar."

- Morgan Z., Tenafly, NJ

"I have had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Ms. Shana Lazar on two different occasions. Ms. Lazar has rendered her services as a speech therapist for our two communication impaired children. First, Ms. Lazar worked with my son who was diagnosed with Autism. Ms. Lazar then continued to provide her services to my daughter who was diagnosed with PPD.

Ms. Lazar provided direct parent coaching techniques, parent training and teaching techniques for the home in order to give us the opportunity to be knowledgeable in the area. She provided us with the right approaches, methods and techniques to help our children communicate better. Ms. Lazar has shown herself to be a team player, a kind and sincere individual, and an ideal teacher who loves to work with children.

I am quite impressed with Ms. Lazar’s expertise in the area of speech impairments and communication delays. Ms. Lazar genuinely spends her time evaluating and researching the right suitable approach or teaching techniques that would work better with each child individually to help the child excel at their maximum potential.

Overall, Ms. Lazar is a very conscientious and able therapist. I have known her professionally for three and a half years, and I highly recommend Ms. Lazar as a speech/ language pathologist."

- Rita M., Bronx, NY

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